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Welcome to The Unusual History of Every Thing Podcast!


If you love weird history mixed with archaeological findings and some entertaining stories, then Melanie & Karen have a podcast for you!

New episodes air every Tuesday on all podcast outlets, with occasional hilarious accompanying video blogs on our YouTube channel! Check them out and don't forget to subscribe! Also, please leave a review on iTunes.

The Unusual History of Every Thing is co-hosted, written and produced by Melanie Dellas and Karen Lacy.

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Current Episode

Earthworm Oil: From the Dirt to the Doctor?Melanie Dellas and Karen Lacy
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Season 8, Episode 10

Earthworm Oil: From the Dirt to the Doctor?

Typically, people nowadays don’t go into Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods and ask for earthworm oil, but from the 16th to 19th centuries, earthworm oil was used to treat various problems – kind of like how we use tea tree or coconut oils today. On this episode, we’ll show you how to use earthworm oil to treat many things, even gunshot wounds, because…well, why not? 

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